Health Assessment Guide


Guide to support the Corpus Analyser Pro test results.

The Corpus Analyser tests 271 parameters of the human body. The descriptions published in the software describes the test. The therapy is left to the professional.

The Institute for Energy Field Analysis (EEFA) compiled a guide for all the 271 parameters and used data from books, publications, professionals and reliable sources on the Internet.

This guide explains the parameters in detail, gives directions if the test result deviates and adds suggestions for treatment on a naturopathic basis. These in the form of a lifestyle adjustment and the application of supplements, herbs, vitamins and minerals.

The document contains almost 400 pages which makes it impractical to print. We deliver it in the form of a searchable Pdf so that a particular condition can be found quickly and the links between the test results can be easily found.

The language is English and if it is necessary to use a local language the text can be translated via an Internet link. We use which is a very good translator.