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Bioresonance and the Corpus Analyser Pro

The human body consists of a large number of cells that are constantly developing, changing, renewing and regenerating. The cells renew themselves continuously through self-division. In the body of an adult about in 25 million cells per second. The blood cells renew themselves at a rate of about 100 million per minute.

Cells consists, like everything else in the world, of a core with atoms, of which the charged particles, electrons, are constantly in rapid motion. Through the process of cell division and growth in each cell there is constantly transmission of electromagnetic waves. The electromagnetic waves emitted by humans, represent the specific state of the body, and this electromagnetic wave signals are different under different conditions, such as in health or disease.

Resonance medicine beliefs that the most fundamental cause of an illness the emission of electrons outside the atomic nucleus which ultimately leads to a change in the cells and organs. As a result, they also alter the electromagnetic waves emitted by the atoms.

Bio resonance frequencies are marketed by naturopaths in relation to various organs and body systems. This is determined empirically. From the response of the body, one can draw a conclusion on the condition of the body systems of this relationships. In a database  these resonances are coupled.

The emitted electromagnetic energy, caused by the changes in diseases of the human body, are extremely small and usually in the range of nano-gauss to microgauss. As an indication: the measuring equipment to measure radiation from mobile phones, only starts at 1 mili-gauss, which is one million times more than a nano-gauss! Scanalyser is very sensitive and it is recommended to have radiant electronic equipment in the vicinity off during measurement.

If the contact between client and probe is not correct or the probe as a whole is not retained, the amplicication in Corpus Analyser Pro will be staged, the measurement is unusable by too much noise and interference environment. The signals are amplified and processed by the computer and the result is shown as a value from high to low. The height of the bio resonance value also indicates the nature and proportions.

It is similar to the principle of listening to the broadcasts of radio. There are a lot of radio waves in the air. If you want to listen to a particular station, tune the radio to his transmit frequency. At this time, resonance occurs in your radio so yes only todays bio resonance resonance should use this principle to testing.

It also requires attention from the practitioner. The Corpus Analyser Pro responds to the response from the body. This response is sufficient, for example, by the use of medicines, then the outcome will not be reported as negative or acute.


The standard value may vary for age and sex, so that the correct age is important. In addition, the test is also used a component Radionika order to show the more subtle indications. If after testing the person’s age is adjusted, this test is useless. It is necessary to handle carefully with the data only and to apply this test, as an indication. Any complaint must be examined in several ways before putting in a treatment.